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Adulthood can be complicated and intimidating.  Many young adults lack the knowledge, skills, confidence, and relationships to establish a plan that is truly their own and begin to move forward.  Additionally, without community, young adults can easily find themselves isolated.  At Yellow Wood Institute we recognize that this experience is common, and we can help.

Guiding you to greater success.

The Yellow Wood Institute, located on Mercer Island, is dedicated to assisting young adults like you who are no longer in high school, and are at an impasse. By guiding you through the process of setting goals and determining steps towards success, we provide the supports necessary to move from plan to action. Through coaching and an events and activity program, we can assist you in progressing towards self-defined professional and personal success.

Your future success starts now.

Success is not a fixed single point on a timeline.  Throughout life, there are goals to be defined and goals to be attained.  Life is lived in those moments as a goal is achieved. Developing strategies, knowledge, resources and relationships are important to keep moving toward your goals and respond to the obstacles that are inevitable. At Yellow Wood Institute, you will work toward defining achievable goals and then make progress toward these goals. And in this way, you will define your own success.

How do
you define

Yellow Wood Institute surrounds

you with support in four ways:

“Planning is bringing the future

into the present so that you can

do something about it now.”

Alan Lakein is a well-known author on personal time management, and motivational speaker.

-Alan Lakein
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What does your future self look like?

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At Yellow Wood Institute, we have the experience and resources to help you lay the groundwork for future success. All it takes to start is for you to make contact. For more details about our unique program, click here, or contact us using the links below. You'll be able to ask questions about timing, cost, process, - anything that you need to get a sense of whether this is a program that can benefit you.